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MMORE is an organization founded to be of help to those who are suffering from cancer. This disease now has found its way to the members of the society we lived in currently. Granted, there are continuous medicines and cures being developed on a regular basis but this is not enough. If we are not going to help or provide our own support, it will take longer and longer time before cancer can be addressed properly. We have cures now, yes. But we want something more definite. We want an assurance that those who are suffering from such a disease will have a longer life and will take medicines that will not have a detrimental effect on their bodies.

MMORE is an organization

We are privy to the fact that many procedures nowadays for cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation can sometimes cause an adverse effect on the people who we are looking to cure. Both render the cancer patients weak as they cure them and there are lots of vomiting and hair loss. Such scenarios are not good especially to the confidence and self-esteem of the patients. It weighs down not only to the physical well-being of a person but to the emotional and mental aspect as well. Let us not forget the effect on the social aspect since more often than not, people who suffer from cancer veer away from socializing. This is what we hope to address.

This advocacy has already come a long way. We have started from years before and we just keep on growing. Let us just hope that we can finally find the cure that we are looking for.

Be with us on this journey and help us support more lives. Let us once again light the hope in the heart of those who are currently suffering from cancer. Contact us to know more.