Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is our frequently asked questions page. Here you can find all the most common questions being asked by our customers on a regular basis. Make sure to check them out. In that way, you can be well guided and you can know more about our advocacy and the services that we offer here.


Do we need to be a member before we can access your website?

Being a member is not a requirement here. You can access the website all you want any time even if you are not a member. This is a website where the information is free for all.

What do we need an account for?

You need to create an account here in the website only if you want to get updated about the latest happening about our website and about the organization or if you want to engage with those people who frequently visit the site at the Forum page. Otherwise, you do not anymore need to register.

How to apply for membership?

For those who want to apply as a member, all you need to do is to download the application form you can find at the landing page and fill it out. You can then send it back to us together with your letter of intent. Take note that you will receive a notification afterwards. If you are shortlisted, you are going to receive a call from our representatives to know how you are going to proceed. If you are not, we are going to send you an email too. In that way, you can be informed of the result of your application.

How to donate?

Donations can be done via our PayPal account and via wire transfers. We do not encourage you to send money via mail. You can send a check instead under the name of the organization.

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