Making Miracles Happen in MMORE

Making Miracles Happen in MMORE

Cancer. One word but can mean the world. How many among your friends or even family members have died of the illness? How many more will die of this? This has already been a bane in society for many years now. People die because of malignant cell growth that is made to ruin the good cells in the same body. Good thing that nowadays, somehow, the medical society has finally found a way to mitigate the fast and uncontrollable way of the spread of such bad cells. These new medical breakthroughs may not really be able to provide an instant cure but atleast, they can somehow give a fighting chance to the victims who are suffering from these diseases. They can treat them to prolong their lives and also to allow them to live their lives fully.

Among the medical breakthroughs, we have now when it comes to treating cancer patients include radiation, chemotherapy, and stem cell transplant. But even amid all these, there is still no exact cure. When the disease hit, we are still left on the limbo – scared out of our wits on whether we are going to live or die. This makes us run though all possible scenarios of our lives because by then dying would seem so real. More than that, this is now when depression comes in to those people who do not know how to adapt and keep up. It makes us wish and pray for further miracles coming from modern medicine because you realize that what you have now is not enough.

Making Miracles Happen in MMORE

Here at MMORE, we do not simply hope, wish, and pray. What we do is that we support medical researches that can make developing a cure for cancer possible while at the same time, give hope and assistance to those victims who are already suffering from such an illness. We are able to do this with the help of our partner organizations, our friends, family, and volunteers who are dedicated to pushing through the same advocacy. Of course, no matter our perseverance and hard work, without the support systen that we have, nothing will come out successfully from it. As such, we are also thankful.

There are many ways in how we realize our goals. Among those include driving out of our garage door in Phoenix to support promising research projects that can make the cure possible. Such support can come in both monetary and non-monetary kind. We also raise awareness by going from one community to another. In that way, many people would know what to expect and when is he right time to go to the doctors to ask for a cure. To those who are already suffering from the disease, we encourage them to join various support group created by the organization. In that way, they can feel they are not alone throughout the way. The most horrible thing is going through with this feeling alone and abandoned and we will never do that to you.

To those who are already suffering from the disease,

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