This organization is very inspiring in a way that they will make you realize that you can actually do something for the people around you. Even in just a small way, you can change lives. I haven’t been to any organization before but I was not afraid to be in one ever since I have stumbled upon this organization. With no hesitation, I supported them and now I even want to be a part of them.


My mom is a cancer patient. We cannot say that she is a survivor yet since she has not reached the 5 years threshold yet. Even then, there is still no assurance since I have read that chemotherapy doesn’t necessarily kill all the cancer cells. There are times when it can come back where the repercussions are more severe. Sad but this is among the fact that we need to live with. It was hard for the whole family when my mom was diagnosed to have lung cancer. It was as if the world has fallen apart. Gone were those days when we are just happy and contented about life. My mom started to get depressed about the whole scenario and we also became more wary of her. We started tiptoeing around her and walking on eggshells since we do not want her to feel stressed. She became allergic to the smallest sound and even laughter. It is as if she doesn’t want to hear any laughter at all. The home we lived in got depressed with her until she joined the support group offered by MMORE. That is the only time she became happy again. This is the reason why my whole family is very thankful to MMORE. You gave my mom a new hope which is very important to us, her family. We hope that you’d be able to help more people.

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